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notta clue

aight... lastnight i had this dream... i was at the grocery store wit some friends, and then there were these guys that came over and started liek climbing on the shelves, and there was only one that wasnt doing it, and he came and started talkin to me... and who do u think it could be... it was TREVOR! ya know even though i was asleep... i was still happy. so we were talkin and stuff and i was leaving and he came in my car and we were goin somewhere... and geuss what happened next... my damn mom woke me up!!! ahh! i didnt get to fiunish it! man i was sooo upset! i hope i get to continue my dream 2night!!! i think its weird that i like guys from my past... ya know i havent gotten to see or talk to trevor for a long time and i still like him. geez whats wrong.. i really need to move on... also, i hang out with friends and all the guys like them... and sure the guys like me, but yea its only as friends, and damn im gettin tired of being with my friends when they all have a guy they like and a guy that likes them, i have felt that i just want new firends that i feel like i can fit in with. i just wish i was pretty, then things would be different and fun, i know they would, okay well im going to bed- katie
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