*Katie*~kate, osher, oshea (ktowithafro) wrote,
*Katie*~kate, osher, oshea

life sux

i feel like a whole ZERO friends you call some ppl and they say they will call u back bc they really want to do soemthing with u bc they havent seen u in such a long time, but yet the NEVER call, u have to end up calling them, and yet you never do anything with them. i hate my life, i really do! while i have been out of town, i missed my friends, and i missed everything back at home.... and now that i am home, i woujld do anything to be back in florida or at my aunts house.... with all of our friends its like a WW3. everyone fights and bitchs about other ppl.... then when one person is bitching and bitchin about the chic, the next time they see them, they are like best friends? excuse me but what the hell?? i just dont get it. i really want to make some new friends, but i dont knwo how to start. i want friends that maybe will call me, and want to do things with me, and friends that arent always talking about themselves and what they do while im not there.... ahhh! im going insane!
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