*Katie*~kate, osher, oshea (ktowithafro) wrote,
*Katie*~kate, osher, oshea

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something fishy

okay i have this hunch that something is going on with ali and wes nash. either they both like eachother or one of them likes the other. and i dunno why but oi feel that ali is trying to hide it from me. i was on the phone with her and he called her cell phone. she told me to wait a second and she went in the other room to talk to him and then when she got back i asked who it was and she was like oh no one, and then i was like who was it, and she was like oh its just one of our friends... ah wes nash. im thinking that maybe he likes her, but then she doesnt want to tell me any of this bc she knows that i USE to like him. i dunno. i dont want her to feel that she has to keep things from me. i dont want any of my friends to keep anything from me either, i mean i feel that im pretty much open to all of them and i want them to feel the same with me. i dunno, im outta here peace out
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