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awesome man!

AWW MAN- lastnight was awesome- i went to the movies with alex ali megan pat and steph, and we saw 2 fast 2 furious! omg was that an awesome movie!! paul walker and tyrese are so flippin hot! i think this movie is much better then the first one! so yea after the movie i went over to megans and spent the night! that was cool, i had fun, we watched the first fast and the furious! aww man those are some good movies! 2 day was pretty cool... earlier today me and mel were at my house and we tried to have a bbq- and yea that didnt go to swell in the beginning, haha. now i am over at the lanzones house now and me and mel just got back from their church carnival/picnic. it was cool, we hung out with alex jarod jeff and mike whiliette. it was fun! so yea that was my night.

life now a days- me megan and ali have been tallking and we believe that the summer will be different and we will not be hanging out with some of the people that we might have during school. but u know, im just gonna go with a flow and see where it all takes me. i dunno if thats right to think but im tired of waiting around to figure things out with ppl, so im not gonna waste my time. im gonna enjoy life and see where i end up- could be good could be bad, who knows? not me. we will all just have to find out. enough abotu friends lets talk about boys- lastnight megan asked me who i liked- and yet for the past 6-7 months i have said trevor. and to this day i still will say i like him. i dunno why but i just have these feeling in me that still like him and then i think of the times we hung out and how funny and cute he was and how i was actually comfortable around someone that i liked. but then i start thinkin that i need to move on. i havent seen him 4awhile so why am i still hooked on the kid- thing is, there is this other kid that i semi like, but the thing is, none of my other friends like him, so i dont tell anyone. i dunno its kinda crazy. all i know is that i leave for FLORIDA on aturday and im excited- and i better see and meet some nice boys there! aight well im otta here for now- im off to watch curly sue! peace- kate
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