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holy shit! those were two words that i was sayin a lot 2night! 2night was crazy! well at first me and mel layed at and got some rays and she left and megan came over and we were hanging out and we went to alis and chilled. and then we came back to my house and then tj came over. so were chillin and everything and we decide to go suprise wes and warren. so we jump in the car and are leaving to go see them and then we see tj alex and kenny turning down my street. so we went back and chilled we them for part of the night. and we ditched them and headed to the wentzville baseball game with wes nash... here comes the good part...

so we are TRYING to get to the game ( i think i came close to death 5 times)aight megan could not figure out how to get on the on ramp from tr hughes and stops in the MIDDLE of the over pass... omg i about wet my pants. so we figure out how to get on the highway and we are pulling into the parking lot, omg that was insane to i couldnt explain what happened it was fun!so after the game we were on our way home in traffic and there is this cute guy that was in front of us or something and we are on the blvd and megan gets him to pull over and talk to him! omg once again that was crazy! man i really thought 2night was gonna blow, but it ended up being one of the funnest nights ever!!! aight well im outta here chillings... ill holla lata- katie
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