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i was so looking forward for it to be friday- have a 3 day weekend, and go to a party 2night- yea wasnt what i had hoped for it to be so far. lastnight was fun at first. me and megan went to iga and then hung out at m y house till rach came over and then headed over to alis for her party,it was cool at first then when i went to go home and get alis present, jason and rhett came, and it was all down hill from there. ali paid absoulute no attention to me and any of the other ppl that were there except for like schwen jason and rhett. i told my mom b4 i went over there, that thats how it was going to be, and she told me to not be negative and that shes one of my best friends and wouldnt do that to me. yea well i finally proved my mom wrong, the thing is, i was hoping i wouldnt be right, and would let my mom be the right one like she always is. lastnight i felt that i was hangin around ppl i would think i would be hangin out with as much if all my close friends were there. well once the police came and alis mom made the ppl leave that werent spending the night, i went to the side of the house and talked with kathleen. it was good talking to her like that again,i told her what had been bothering me that night and whats been going on lately. we havent really gotten to talk about whats going on lately and how eachother have been feeling, and im glad we did lastnight. well while i was talking with leen, megan and rachel were on the other side or the front talking, i felt really bad, megan was crying, and felt that she didnt have any friends anymore and that no one wanted to be around her, i dont know if she just let it out anymore bc she couldnt take it anymore and wanted ppl to know how she was feeling, or if she was drunk that she really didnt realize what was happeneing.but when i heard that she felt that no one liked her anymore and that no one wanted to be her friend i felt horrible... i guess i felt that she thought i didnt want to be her freind either and i know that lately, or i thought that we had gotten really close and that i thought she knew i considered her to be one of my best friends.i dunno i just felt that she doesnt consider me the type of friend that i consider her to be. i dunno... well i g2g and do some cleaning for the party 2morrow, but ill be back to talk some more- cya kate
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