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oh BABY!

tuesday- came right home from school and got ready to go to the New Found Glory, and G.C. concert! omg i had sooo much fun! it was one of the best concerts i have been too. while we were there we saw the hottest guy who was in front of us... but when the concert started, he started to dance... and holy crap, he looked like her could have been at a nsync concert or soemthing! it was haliarious!! i had so much fun.

TODAY!!!- aight today at school was cool, the thing that sux is that since we only have like 2 weeks left... the teachers think they can fit a whole new chapter in and everything! im like what the hell? dont think so! aight but then after school i went to dinner with ali her sis and her dad, omg i am so excited about our trip... only 24 more days! her dad just cracks me up! haha... but then after dinner we were on our way home and went through key harbor...

damn the luck once again vinny and joe were outside... so we stopped and talked to them for like 25 mins... omg they are soo horny! it was so funny, joe was giving us all these tips on how to improve sex and everything! it was great!!! and omg guess what i found out... HE HAS A TOUNGE RING!!!!! AHH!!!! that is awesome! i was like holy shit u have one!!!!!! it was cool... hes sooo cute! haha, and then i got some very nice info on where mr joe had other places pierced! wink wink! haha!!!! u know... me and ali didnt believe him at first, and he said he had pics he would go get- but then the horny man started talkin bout more stuff... i was sooooo close to see it!!!! ahh!!!! damn! aight well i g2g and study... ill holla late- kate
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