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aight, ive been thinking... this journal hasnt really had much purpose to me other then dating what i have been doing in my life... but arent they suppose to keep track of how ur feeling? so i have decided, that i dont really cares who reads this, i need to let out how im feelin and say EVERYTHNG that is happening...

lately i have been sayin i feel like i only have a few friends, and i never say who they are, and if there my friends i shouldnt be afraid to say who they are... so yea, lately i have only felt that my friends are megan, ali, rachel, and steph. im friends with kohler, but it just seems like she doesnt want to be my friend... then with maggie and leen, i had felt that i totally drifted away, then me and leen talked lastnight, supposably things will change, but who knows with that, cuz i thought things were gonna change when the whole fight or w/e happened a few weeks ago, but it just went more and more down hill. so who knows.

this week is gonna be packed... 2morrow is the NFG, GC concert, i am TOTALLY excited, i luv them so much! wednesday me and megan are hoping to see the lizzy mcgurie movie again! that is the best movie!!! its so cute! then thursay, ah yea i dunno but im sure somthing will happen, and then friday is alis party! wahoo!

yea i g2g and do some studying for bio. ill holla back lata, cuz like always, i still got more i wanna chat about- cya- kt
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