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woodie wooo! hahah

lastnight i had a lot of fun!!! megan came over and we chilled and went swimming and went in the hot tub! so then rachel came over after work! man we had some fun lastnight... i cant mention it but we know what we did, and while we were doing it, i stepped on a slug! haha it was nasty! oh we called this guy on megans phone and his name was james and his friend was there and his name is bear! i was like WTF? but we talked to them and they invited us to come to some party thing there having 2night! haha it was crazy! it took us 4ever to get to bed! we were pusing ppl off the bed it was insane... and then it was all quiet and i SWEAR i was still up and they said i was moaning! i was like how the hell can i moan in my sleep if im still up??? haha, but then we were sleepin for like an hour or so when we woke up at like 3 bc they said i was moanign! when they were showin me how i was doing it, it sounded like someone was havin sex, haha it was funny, i still dont believe i was doing it! but yea, 2day i hope is gonna be fun... i think im gonna take my sis to go see a movie in a lil bit, and then who knows whats goin on the rest of the day... aight well i g2g and get ready... holla at me lata- kate
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