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Schools almost over and i cant wait... i cant take anymore bullshit thats been going on at school... ill get a chance to not have to worry about if ppl are talkin bout me or how i may be gettin crossed off ppls partys list bc they got some big ass mouths with their NEW freidns, jesus... its like some of them were never my friends in the first place! i cant wait to be away from everything. i know lately all i talk about is how my life sux and friends this and friends that, well damn its really that bad... some advice i would like to give to one of my friends... deep down u have feelings u want to let out to another but your to scared to come off as a bitch or what not, but ur not the bitch if ur just tellin the truth to the person, and if they were to get upset with it, then its not worth ur time, if they were ur friend they would understand where ur comming from. and maybe u told this person part of ur feelings but u had intended to say more... i say go for it, if things are shitty now, well then they cant get much worse! haha... any ways... this weekend... im ready for it allready, on monday i thought it was friday, this week is so slow! on friday im hoping to have some ppl over and swim and hang out! i dunno i think it would be fun!!! aight well im outa this joint- kt
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