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where do i stand?

this week has been a living hell, i feel out of place with friends and i shouldnt if they are really my friends... i have lost connection with some friends, but then gained a better connection with like 2 others! so is that a good thing that i have became better with the 2 ppl? i dunno i am enjoying it, i can really trust them bc i feel they understand what im talkin about and are comming from where i am. 2night sucked... i was supose to do something with sarah... but u know all i gotta say is f that chic now... then i was supose to call ali and schwen and do somethin with them... well yea no can do there, so i felt like f them 2. then tj called me 2night alot wanting to try and do something, but yea didnt do anything with him, then stephanie was with patrick, like alays, i mean the whole world ends if they dont spend there friday ngiht 2gether watching a movie. but then i was happy that megan and leen came by. i was so happy to see megans car! ( megan i luv ur car! its awesome!) so then they came by and chilled with alex and rachel... but then the flamers kevin and matt came over... omg that was hell, kevin drives me insane!! the rest of this weekend i can tell is just gonna suck! aight well im really out of it and am not havin a good night so im gonna go and think about everything i just feel so outta place i need to just lay and think about everything (sounds cheezy huh? haha) but ill holla lata... cya kt

i was thinking... our group of friends use to be so close and now everyone has drifted apart. 2 of my closest friends that i have known for the longest time i fell have drifted away, one more then the other, but still its not the same. and all i hear about it how this person is aggravating this person and this person is doing that, and i know that i say it too, but it just annoys the crap out of ppl. some of our friends i feel are untrusting, and backstabbing ppl, and i know its horrible to think but i do. and u tell someone that something is bothering you about them and they feel horrible and they say they will change but they never seem to try and fix things... i dunno i just am going crazy with friends! and i hate it!!!
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