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weekends ova

this weekend has had its ups and downs... friday i had a lot of fun, first i went to megans and hung out there and we went up to IGA and saw rachel and i got to meet this ryan guy... DAMN! is all i got to say, so then we went back to megans and got ready to go to wes's. wes's house was cool, i had a lot of fun his house is so nice i like hanging out with some of the ppl that were there... lata me and megan took warren home and then went back to megans to spend the night with rachel... i had lots of fun hangin out there... so then saturday came... wow was it hell, fun, nervewracking, boring, exciting, crazy... me and steph had fun driving around it was crazy and then kelsey birza came to drop brian off and i talked to her for like 45 mins it was cool, i havent seen her 4ever. so then lata we chillin and then megan came over after work and so did ali. someting that i have been talkin to megan and steph is, is that i dont know who my friedns are now, they are all going there own ways and are backstabbing ppl, everyone is changing, u know ppl say ur teenage years are the best years, and if this is all supose to be fun... well then ill be goin through hell the rest of my life. i told megan that i feel like i have 3 friends i can talk to and trust and actually care about me. yea... well i g2g and call megan bout the play 2night, but ill be back cuz i got things to still talk bout... cya- kt
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