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so yea 2day i thought was going to be pretty good, do a lil cleaning, a lil shopping and then go out 2night. yea totally different then what i had expected... i started cleaning, and then the report cards came... yea not good... so instead of shopping and going out i had to stay home and clean more! yes! just what i wanted to do! man my parents are pissed at me. my dad says that i let him down. i hate it whehn he says that, he says that i dont try and that i waste my time with my friends. i told him that i tried my hardest this quarter and he says like always "thats bullshit katie, if you were to bust your ass to get these grades, that would be different, but you do jackshit so you deserve this" yea hes wrong... i really thought this was going to be my best report card... but yea i was wrong. then what he says to my bro... oh damn i would be freaking and cryin if i was in my bros shoes. with my bro its f this and f that, u f'n idiot. geez i really hope next year goes a whole hell of a lot better. man 2night alex and pat stopped by for a lil bit... they are crazy kids.. man o man but yea im gonna go- katie
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