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a living hell

man, today was the first day of exams!and yea they didnt go to go. im scared to find out the results of most of them. and even more scared to show my parents the results of them! the end of the day was better... we go out at 12:30 so me megan ali leen ryan and alex went to jack in the box! i had a lot of fun! i was crackin up the whole time, and whenever megan laughs it makes me laugh, haha shes so funny, and then the guy that was working there... umm well yea he was a major cutie! haha. so after we all went home, me and leen went to the libarary to get the hobbit,and we are passing the shell, and to my luck, joe is there and is pumping his gas, so i start flipping out and leen tells me to turn around and go back, so i did, and i pulled up in front of ghim and start gettins some gas... even though i really didnt need it! haha. so then joe comes over and starts talking to me and then he was tellign me bout his trip, omg im in love! he is so nice and cute! o man! im in love! haha. o and today ali called me and told me that chad (hot nc man) called and asked when she was going to florida and everything so ali told him and hes gonna call her tonight to see if he can have his condo or get some other place to stay down there while we are down there! omg if he goes, i will be so shy bc he is so hot! o baby! aight well i g2g and study for another day of hell... peace out- katie
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