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schools back

so yea just got done typing my lit research paper... took me 4 damn hours! so yea this weekend was fun!!! i think i already talked bout friday, so we'll jump to saturday... well at 4:30 am i woke up and everyone met at my house and we went to alis and kidnapped her and took her to IHOP! it was cool! so then once i got home i started gettin ready to go and do service hours when the damn tornado siren went off so i flipped out and ran down stairs with shannon for a lil bit. but after service hours i went to alis house and she was having her family party! that was cool i got to meet her moms side of the family! so lata we went out to eat at Bahama Breeze! that place was so neat!!! i wish all of our firends could go there and eat but its soo expensive! our bill would be at least like $100. after dinner me and al went to alex stevens house with tj and kenny... i had fun there, they are some fun kids to hang out with, we went driving around in tjs car, holy shit i think i wet myself! haha. but then on mothers day we went to all the grandmas houses and stuff so that was cool, i luv my grandmas they are the shitz! haha.

as for school is going... i was doing awesome in all my classes but now i think im just doing anverage! (damnit) i think im not doing so good is bc i have been going through hell with friends and i have been depressed ALOT lately... i was watching this show lastngiht and this gurl had this good life and everythign and then she started to be negative about herself and got really depressed and her whole life went downhill...i hope that doent happen to me cuz thats exactly how i have been feelin and stuff! and damnit i shouldnt be depressed.... schools almost over!!!! the only thing that should be bothering me is my damn freinds~ haha, i know i keep sayin it, but i feel like i dont have many friends anymore. i only have like 2-3 that i can talk to... damn thats not good... i use to have much more... what happened with that... aight well im gonna go... holla! Katie
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